Tarantulas of Guatemala are common in Peten (Tikal, Yaxha, etc), Alta Verapaz, and elsewhere; they are not dangerous (in most cases) With so many cartoon characters already existing, I wish to develop innovative cartoon characters based on a tad more realism.

Tailless whip scorpions are scary looking but these Amblypygi do not attack I understand when people do not like spiders, wasps, or snakes I must admit that I do not interact well with wild snakes that I find out in the rain

Stingless Maya bees of Guatemala will either attack, or not bother you, depending on whether they know you, or not   Bees are everywhere in the Maya and Aztec worlds: So why no Maya the Bee comic character here? There are bees in every

Puma concolor, cougar, mountain lion in Mayan stories   My first experience with a cougar (Puma concolor), mountain lion, in Belize While leading a group of tourists to learn about the Mayan ruins of Belize and adjacent Peten, we heard about a local

Two species of peccary occupy the Mayan areas of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize Peccary are common in many parts of Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo, El Peten, and Belize. There are two species, collared peccary, Pecari tajacu and the slightly larger white–lipped peccary, Tayassu pecari.   Tayassu

Getting close and personal with a jaguarundi, Puma yagouaroundi in Guatemala, to research for a female Mayan comic book character Getting to know the personality of a jaguarundi, onza, in Guatemala The first jaguarundi that I saw was in the ZooMAT, Tuxtla

Hairless, barkless dogs were only one of the species of Maya dogs; there were also dogs for guarding the homes and for hunting (especially deer)   Questions about Dogs in Maya civilization 2000 years ago the Maya and their neighbours had several kinds

Learning about jaguar cubs by interacting with them in-person   Learning about Jaguars in Guatemala My goal is not to be an animal trainer; my interest is to have each different species of animals train me. I wish to learn how the animals think,

Gray fox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, lives in trees in addition to on the ground Do foxes really live in trees? Having been raised in the Ozark Mountain area of Missouri, I have seen foxes wandering around as a child. At age 19, I