Tarantulas of Guatemala are common in Peten (Tikal, Yaxha, etc), Alta Verapaz, and elsewhere; they are not dangerous (in most cases) With so many cartoon characters already existing, I wish to develop innovative cartoon characters based on a tad more realism.

Tailless whip scorpions are scary looking but these Amblypygi do not attack I understand when people do not like spiders, wasps, or snakes I must admit that I do not interact well with wild snakes that I find out in the rain

Stingless Maya bees of Guatemala will either attack, or not bother you, depending on whether they know you, or not   Bees are everywhere in the Maya and Aztec worlds: So why no Maya the Bee comic character here? There are bees in every

Stinging wasps will not attack you if they get used to your presence over time   Wasps will NOT (always) sting or attack unless they feel threatened While doing research for this section on happy bees and friendly wasps the #2 return on

Spiders help remove mosquitos and flies from your home or office; so why use harmful insecticide and exterminators? Spiders come in every size and shape And most spider webs are not like ones in Charlotte’s Web storybook for children. Indeed studying the

Scorpions are everywhere in Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize but do not sting unless provoked or scared Our goal is to describe, and provide information on all the fascinating creatures of the seasonal rain forests, deserts, swamps, mountains, and other diverse eco-systems

Female praying mantis would make a good comic book anti-hero for our Maya comic book characters series Potential female Maya comic anti-heroes Occasionally we find praying mantis insects wandering around on the plants in our garden. Since we do not permit the

Beetles, butterflies, even flies and wasps help pollinate flowers, as do of course hummingbirds and many bat species What (in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, etc) pollinates flowers besides bees? Since other than bees, many pollinator species are not known except to biologists, we

MayanToons compared with Maya the Bee and Maya animation software What is the difference between a Maya bee and Maya the bee? Maya the Bee (Die Biene Maja) was a common television program while I lived for close to 20 years in