The Scarlet macaw was a logo for the Maya 1400 years ago  Along with the toucan, the scarlet macaw is a worldwide favorite as a logo animal. Indeed the kings of Copan had the macaw as a logo animal for themselves

Ortalis vetula of Guatemala, is a cute, friendly, raucous wild bird of the Mayan rain forests, and is a potential comic book cartoon character for MayanToons   Our experience with Chachalacas, Ortalis vetula, a remarkable bird of Guatemala The best known chachalaca of the

Keel-billed toucan, Ramphastos sulfuratus is a logo-like symbol of the Neotropical seasonal rain forests of Mesoamerica and adjacent areas (and hence a common corporate logo) When it came time to decide which animal we would use as a logo, I pretty

Cochlearius cochlearius, boat-billed heron, is a rare wading bird featured by late Olmec and pre-Mayan artists for Tuxtla Statuette   Discovery of a boat-billed heron, in the Canal de Chiquimulilla, near Monterrico Recently I had my first encounter with an unknown bird on