Join this adventure with MayanToons’ characters who live in Guatemalan Jungles. On top of the trees, under the sea, flying through the sky and over the ground, each plant and animal help us to know and have a better understanding about our world.

Our goal is to awake children’s reading skills throughout our educational books for all ages. Each page illustrates the qualities and characteristics of the invaluable nature from Mesoamerica. Discover these five series of books where you will learn about natural resources and the need to conserve them.

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Let’s learn how to write and pronounce the ABC, in three different languages, with the native plants and animals of Mesoamerica.

Let’s explore the flora and fauna that exist in Mesoamerica, accompanied by the MayanToons characters. Together we will learn to conserve and protect them.

In this series you will learn about me, what I eat, where I live, how I behave and more curious facts about my species. You will also discover all the adventures I experience in Mesoamerica.

You will be the spectator of wonderful plants and animals! You’ll also meet the different specias that live in the wild, with shared characteristics that make them spectacular.

Together we will learn about the importance of my species in nature, and the different ways in which I interact with my ecosystem.