Helping people change eating habits to significantly improve health with fruits and vegetables Mayan fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots have potential to improve your health The mother of one of our student interns has been ill for several months. Twice an ambulance had

Learning about the white water lily; one of the most common flowers shown in Classic Maya murals, sculptures, and vase paintings, as background for comic book characters Why is there a Mayan “water lily Jaguar”? It is well documented that jaguars have

I was able to learn about Mayan cacao by raising cacao trees in my own garden in Guatemala, plus visiting cacao plantations in Soconusco and Tabasco Personal experience with chocolate and cacao trees, in Mexico and Guatemala We will have cacao characters

Tarantulas of Guatemala are common in Peten (Tikal, Yaxha, etc), Alta Verapaz, and elsewhere; they are not dangerous (in most cases) With so many cartoon characters already existing, I wish to develop innovative cartoon characters based on a tad more realism.

Tailless whip scorpions are scary looking but these Amblypygi do not attack I understand when people do not like spiders, wasps, or snakes I must admit that I do not interact well with wild snakes that I find out in the rain

Stingless Maya bees of Guatemala will either attack, or not bother you, depending on whether they know you, or not   Bees are everywhere in the Maya and Aztec worlds: So why no Maya the Bee comic character here? There are bees in every