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From the field to cartoons

Documenting plants, animals, and ecosystems in the largest natural reserve of Guatemala

The Maya Biosphere Reserve in the Petén region of northern Guatemala is the largest natural reserve of Guatemala with 21,602 km² represents one-fifth of the country’s total land area. Plus, this reserve together with the Maya Forest of Belize and Mexico represents one of the largest areas of tropical forest north of the Amazon and the northernmost tropical forest in the Western Hemisphere. 


Inside the reserve exist a great variety of species of plants and animals, and ecosystems such as high and medium lowland forest, inundated savannas, small fields of pine, caves and rocky habitats, lakes and lagoons, rivers and wetlands, and even a remnant mangrove forests located in San Pedro River (a curious exception far away from the sea). There also exists a multiple-use zone composed of tropical forests dedicated to the sustainable harvest by the local families, which include xate palms, chicle gum, allspice, ramón seeds -which can be used to produce nutritious flour- and timber of caoba and other trees.


Due to the amazing biodiversity and unique characteristics of The Maya Biosphere Reserve our team has been working in the field to document this with the goal to share it with the world and specifically the children, so the next generation will keep in mind the need of conserving this treasure. 


With MayanToons we promote the learning of native species of Guatemala, such as the Boat-billed Heron, a bird not only beautiful for its rare appearance but very common in the art of the Classic Maya. Also, the Potoo bird and the Oropendola are remarkable birds in Petén. And if you visit Tikal National Park you will find lots of Coati individuals running everywhere.


Here are some photos taken in the field and the results of the animated videos that our team has created with so much dedication to share with the children.

Boat-billed heron photographer in Tikal National Park by Edwin Solares. October 2022

Potoo bird photographed in Tikal National Park by Edwin Solares. October 2022


Coati photographer in Tikal National Park by Edwin Solares. October 2022


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