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Dog show or beauty pageant; student science fair or trade show expo; which is helpful appropriate way to let animals reveal their capabilities

What is difference between pageant, talent show, science fair and trade-show (expo, exposition)?

On this page we introduce how the people of Mayanlandia encourage the local birds and beasts to come together in a friendly manner to show their capabilities in a combination beauty pageant, talent show, and high school science fair.

We have a separate page where we list each category and classification of animal: each group will have their own pageant (like the Mayanlandia Doggie Show).

History of the development of talent shows & pageants

The people and the birds and animals that inhabit the surrounding rain forests have seen Dog Shows on their TELLYvisions (and on their EYEPhones, AppDroids, and EYEPaddles).

So the local dogs have organized their own Doggie Show with the help of the Mayan Kids.

This is the preview so you can see what fun a Mayan doggie show can be.

birds_watching doggie show_2_MARCH_2017_DC

The birds saw this Doggie Show and wanted to have their own BIRD Show Premier.


The Amphibians saw all these shows and asked the Mayan Kids of they could help the Amphibians also do a feature event.


The Reptiles saw the Bird Show Premier and wanted to have their own Reptile Extravaganza Event.


Soon the Butterflies came and asked for their own show.

So the Mayan Kids (Maya and Victor) and their friends, Macawow, TooCaanny, Monnkeey and Quatimondo realize they need to create a kind of village event which will become WORLD FAMOUS.

Maya and Victor realize that it always helps to do research (before making a decision that will affect many animals).

Links to continue this theme (of how each kind of animal will explain itself to people)

  • Research on every kind of pageant, talent show, science fair.
  • Helpful glossary of all these kinds of events.
  • Meeting to discuss options for each kind of animal of the Mayan forests, rivers, swamps, mountains, etc.

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