There is a lot of fish in the ocean! There are also mammals, reptiles, plants, algae, etc. In this new blog post, we are going to focus on the "slower" reptiles that live in the sea. Guess which ones? Turtles,

Bufo marinus, marine toad, is a giant toad pictured in Mayan stone sculpture art of Quirigua, Kaminaljuyu, and Izapa found easily in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, and Honduras (and USA) Bufo marinus is frequently pictured in Mayan art On our Maya archaeology web

Mayan uo frog or toad, Mexican burrowing toad, Rhinophrynus dorsalis   Water-related Mayan comic book Characters My 1985 PhD dissertation was on water-related Mayan animals, deities, and cosmology. Eight years research on Mayan underwater-world iconography went into preparation of this dissertation and the