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So the mayan kids discuss all the options…

…to let each kind of animal introduce itself to the word:

The options are

  • pageant,
  • science fair,
  • talent show,

and the favorite of Dr Nicholas:

  • trade shows.

The decision of the Mayan kids (with suggestions from their grandmother): a friendly, fair, mixture of each aspect.

  • Part will be satire and parody.
  • Part will show capability.

But the most important attributes:

  • Physical aspects should not be misinterpreted: a spider with six eyes should receive as much respect as a creature with four eyes, or humans and most animals with two eyes.
  • And body color should be judged in a fair manner.

All that said, to be truthful, we admit that the resplendent Quetzal bird will win most bird beauty pageants.

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