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Meet Mayantoons crew

We are a team that works for the preservation and conservation of the multiculturalism and biodiversity of Guatemala through education focused on children, so from an early age, they can approach and know our resources, and thus when they know, love, and care all this that surrounds us. Our team is made up of professionals in different areas, who make our projects possible.


MayanToons is a FLAAR Mesoamerica project, born of Nicholas Hellmuth, our founder, who has always worked in order to have extensive documentation of our native resources, talking about their utilities and roles in our ecosystems and daily lives. Flor de María Setina is her right hand, in charge of the administrative part of the organization, making everything work effectively.


Vivian Díaz is an environmental engineer, a nature lover, she is also our general coordinator, she is always aware of what is happening and developing in Mayantoons and FLAAR Mesoamerica, in addition to being our channel to communicate better with Nicholas Hellmuth, the boss.


Valeria Avilés is the project manager for Mayantoons. She is a graphic designer and visual artist, not only is she an illustrator in the team, but she is also in charge of the Mayantoons members, assigning tasks, supervising the materials that are developed, and working hand in hand with each one of the members of this division of MayanToons.


We have a team of illustrators, formed by Rosa and Josefina Sequen, sisters who are Mayan Kaqchikel, current students, and Isabel Trejo, who has a degree in graphic design. Hand in hand with this team we develop educational material such as books and posters that are later delivered to the communities we visit, such as Livingston, Yaxha, and Senahú in Guatemala.


Currently, we are looking to grow our animation department. Laura Morales, is a Maya K’iche’ digital content engineer and our animation manager, with her we create and bring our animated episodes to life, while other parts of the team create the arts, music, and scripts, she brings them together and brings our cartoons to life.


Roxana Leal is our community manager, and takes our content to digital platforms in order to reach our audience. Roxy works with Juan Carlos Hernández and Maria José García; they manage our social media, the newsletters, and web pages, ensuring their operation for effective dissemination of our content.


In addition, the team of FLAAR Mesoamerica, made up mostly of environmental engineers and photographers, provide us with the necessary information to develop educational material rich in information and thus educate our children about our flora and fauna in the best possible way, and have the best references for the development of this material.


We work hard so that in the near future, our books can reach more children in the Guatemalan territory and our animated episodes can be transformed into movies, all, in order to continue educating from an early age on the importance of our resources, since what is known, is loved, and what you love, you take care of.

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