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How MayanToons Illustrations Change Me

My name is Josefina Sequen, I am a digital illustrator at Mayantoons, where I make educational books for children. Our series of books are about, adventures in nature, know my species, ABC, nature contests, discover my role. Through these books, we teach the skills of learning to write and pronounce the alphabet to children and young people, also about the importance of each species of animal in nature and we can learn how to conserve and protect them, and thus use our resources in a responsible way. I love the idea that through drawings I have learned that illustrating a book is not only teaching and showing the population how to do it but also learning more about the natural resources that surround me, so together we can learn how to protect the environment and the welfare of each animal and plant, and to preserve the multiculturalism of the country.

The development of our books has a process behind it, from the research, carried out by the flora and fauna team in fieldwork, to the documentation by the photography team. After gathering information, a storyboard is developed, where species become characters and science becomes stories. At the end of the editing team, illustrators and designers, we give life to these ideas, and thus our books are born, ready to educate both the rural and urban areas of our country, and hopefully soon, also abroad.


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