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Christmas presents for Boys and Girls

(cute, ecofriendly and handcrafted)

It’s getting closer that time of the year where some people demonstrate love and appreciation to their loved ones giving presents but kids, they may be the ones who enjoy this activity the most! As parents, older siblings, uncles or friends, we love to see our little ones surprised and excited if we give them something they like. This time, the MayanToons team wants to give you some suggestions for buying presents. The best of all: this presents are made by hand by artisans in Guatemala.

Together with the Flora and Fauna team we had the opportunity to make a field trip to the Guatemalan Altiplano. At the same time that our colleagues were documenting and photographing the flora and fauna of this region, with the MayanToons team we had the opportunity to get closer to artisans and artists to meet their creations. Those creations are part of our “gift recommendations” for you!

First, we went to Rabinal, a town in Baja Verapaz where artisans make piggy banks out of a fruit. How cool is that? These moneyboxes are nice gifts for children who are learning to save money and animal lovers.

The dryed fruit of the tree called “morro” is the principal material of this article. It is a non-processed and bio-degradable material and it grows from a tree native to Guatemala (Crescentia cujete).  Out of a traditional process of painting and sculpted, artists give different styles to each piggy bank. We could identify different animal designs like peccaries (most likely to the pigs), foxes, coatimundi and armadillos.

You can buy these cute piggy banks with many families at Rabinal, once you head to the town, look for the local families of:

– Olga Garniga,

– Fernando “Colocho” Garniga,

– Grandfather Anselmo, and

– Albertina Pérez

Each of this families sell the “morro” handicrafts which represents another way of income for them. And they will not only make piggy banks, they can make musical instruments, colorful and decorative accessories and many more out of the “morro” fruit.

Second, we arrived on Quiché department. Near the central park and farmer’s market, we meet

-Elizabeth Álvarez from “Esteliz” shop

She and other Quiche women creates many different accessories with plant fibers, wool, textiles and leather.  Colorful clothing, straps, hand bags, jackets, palm mats, brooms, and many more. At the store we chose a fanny bag as the best suggestion for a kid present this Christmas. Its colors, material and style will make a really nice gift.


In the same Quiche area we meet Oswaldo Tzunun’s hat business. Made out of palm thatch, Oswaldo family creates hats for everyone, men, women, young and the little ones. This time we recommend to buy these mini hats to play with toys or pets, they are so cute! Palm thatch is harvested by farmers, then it needs to go true a chemical process to guarantee durability and flexibility. After that it is divided and hand braided to begin a hat.



Besides making hats, Oswaldo is a photography artist, you can see his work on his Instagram profile at www.instagram.com/pwitzunun


And the last gift suggestion we found was in Patzicía-Chimaltenango: educational coloring books about “Nahuales” by

-Wilson Leonel Sotz Catú

He is the author of various books of self-knowledge. The local institution ADESCA (Aporte para la Descentralización Cultural) supported the printing and distribution of this books. They combine educational data and the relaxing coloring technique of the mandalas. Nahuales are spiritual animals’ part of the Mesoamerican cosmovision. Your birth date can determine how nature, as seen for the Mayan culture, can resemble yourself-being. Knowing your nahual can be kind of a guidance for your destiny or life.


By entering your birth date, you can know which Nahual is guiding you. Click on this link to calculate it: https://www.bioenergetica-radiestesia.com/descubre-tu-nawal

Which suggestion liked you the most? Keep track of our suggestions on this Holidays on our social media:





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