As we know, for Mayantoons, illustrated books are a powerful tool! It is one of our main ways to educate our children, but why is an illustrated book so essential to educate?

An illustrated book is a combination of text, illustrations, and design that becomes an experience for children while at the same time it is a social, cultural, and historical document for their education, while the little ones see it as a constant game of two pages faced and the emotion of passing from one to another. An illustrated book is a cultural reflection of its place of origin, mainly for us, where our context, multiculturalism, and biodiversity are the axis around which our goal of educating revolves.

The best-illustrated books are considered like mini timeless art galleries, which stimulate the imagination of children and adults, and also lead them to experience the context in a more personal way. Illustration has been an educational tool since the beginning of time, that is why we see ancient temples full of religious images because, in this way, even those who did not know how to read will understand history and divinity. Even the human being learns to read images before words, the illustration will never cease to be an educational tool.

Currently, the limit between art, literature, and graphic art disappears in the children’s book, as there is a space where they converge. The child forehead an illustrated book is wonderful, it is fascinated to see the interaction between visual and verbal narratives, integrating children into a culture, but you have to understand that children can understand the world within the limits of their stage of development.

What we know for sure is that illustrated books are one of the child’s first approaches to the reality, culture and context in which he lives, and that the earlier his approach to this, the more attracted and committed to its conservation and care.

To take care of something you have to know it and after learning it, start loving it. How important is an illustrated book! And for that, we work hard at MayanToons to produce the highest quality in content and design and thus, educate our younger generations in the best way.

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