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A Young Spark of Action

Nature is our home, well-being, health, livelihood, culture, and inspiration, so we must take
care of the environment and biodiversity that surrounds us.
On the occasion of the celebration of the International Youth Day this August 12, I believe
that it’s important to remind young minds that their voice and contribution can be the spark
that ignites the possibilities and solutions that will light up the future.

Today the future is clouded by the estimation of abrupt climatic changes, producing an
increase in heat waves, lengthening hot seasons, and shortening cold ones, extreme heat
will more frequently reach critical tolerance thresholds for health and agriculture. Climate
change is here and today’s children and youth will face the worst effects.

Sparkling change

It is also in this young population where this spark of movement already exists with
generations committed to global action in favor of sustainable development, stopping climate
change and caring for the environment, subjects who believe in participation fostered by
equity and contribution through awareness and better-formulated solutions.

It is necessary to celebrate the potential of youth because your age should never define
the importance of your proposals. Your actions are worth it and the solution lies in
your creative, clear, and innovative mind.

This spark of action may lie in raising awareness about the importance of reducing the use
of plastics to keep the environment clean, promoting the recycling and reuse of materials or
visualizing your consumption and knowing the consequences it may have.

Or maybe the spark might start with protecting the biodiversity of the environment that
surrounds you. Near you there are unique species and ecosystems, encourage yourself to
know them and achieve greater awareness to understand the importance of their protection.
Improving your treatment towards animals and species around you.



Maybe you can light the way to this new path for humanity by using the technology that is
within your reach to know and promote the use of clean and renewable energies.

Or maybe you can start with using the various social platforms to share your thoughts and
ideas, organizing and participating in volunteering campaigns for the protection of natural
parks and spaces of landscape and cultural interest.

Or lastly this spark might start with taking care of the ocean, cleaning when you visit nearby
ports and being respectful towards it and its inhabitants, also learning about how some
products that you throw away can contaminate it.

Remember you can be part of the solutions by making conscious daily choices.



Listen to science, take responsibility, the possibilities are limitless you have a whole generation of change by your side.


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Written by Paula García

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